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Recognizing Donors

It is through the gracious gifts of our members and members of the community at large that we are able to support the many programs at United Synagogue of Hoboken.  Some are able to make long-term commitments to USH, some people support us through smaller gifts throughout the year, and others are able to donate their time and expertise.  We would like to recognize that over the past year, we have had some extraordinarily generous benefactors

2017/2018 Yom Kippur Appeal

We wish to thank all of the very generous donors to this year's Yom Kippur Appeal.  The following board is on display in the lobby of USH. 

In addition, four generous donors made gifts AFTER the board was printed and are recognized below.  They are:

  • Elisabeth Oldmixon & Andrew Reibman
  • Kathy & Bruce Prussack
  • Rhonda & Adam Strosberg
  • Alician & James Weinstein

Thank you to them and everyone who helps to support our vital activities.

2017/2018 Yom Kippur Appeal Match

A very gracious benefactor has offered to provide a matching donation for this year's Yom Kippur Appeal.  Their commitment, to match a portion of other donor's gifts where those gifts represent a specific increase over their previous year's donation means that many of our congregants' and donors' gifts will be that much larger.  This donor has asked to remain anonymous, but we want to recognize the generosity of this gift.

2016/2017 Yom Kippur Appeal Match

During last year's Yom Kippur Appeal, we received a generous donation from one of our members to act as a match for funds.  This donor, who wished to remain anonymous, not only benefited USH by their donation, but was able to inspire additional contributions through their gift acting as a match for other member gifts.  Thank you for your generous consideration.

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