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Driving Directions

From the West

Take the NJ Turnpike towards the Lincoln Tunnel. Take a right at the sign "Last Exit in NJ." There will also be a sign marked "Hoboken," and "Ferry to NYC." 
You will drive up over a slight rise, and then down to a light. At the light, stay to the right. (The left goes back to Rte 3 to the Tunnel.) Go down a steep hill, and turn right at the bottom. The turnpike is overhead.
Continue straight, going over the Park Ave. Bridge.
On the Hoboken side of the bridge, you will be at the corner of 16th St. and Park Ave.
Drive south 2 blocks to 14 St. -- on the north-west corner is a gas station; on the south-west corner is the Malibu Diner.
Turn right onto 14 St., left onto Willow St.
Continue south about 1 mile to First St.
Turn left onto First, turn left onto Park.
The Synagogue is the second building on the right.

From the Lincoln Tunnel

When you go into the Tunnel, get into the right-most lane.
Immediately upon emerging from the tunnel, take the exit on the right marked "Hoboken."
Continue for about 1 mile, going over a bridge.
You will be on Willow Avenue. Continue on Willow Avenue for almost the entire length of Hoboken (from 14th Street down to 1st Street).
Turn left on 1st Street, and then the next left onto Park.
The synagogue is the second building on the right.

From The Holland Tunnel

When you exit the tunnel, stay to the right-hand lane.
Take the first right -- Marin Blvd. There is a gas station on the corner.
Continue north about a mile. At the same time you go under an overhead train tracks, the road turns to the right. You are on Observer Highway.
Continue about 5 blocks to Park Ave.
Turn left - the Synagogue is on the right-hand side slightly north of the intersection of Park and First St.

From the South

Take the New Jersey Turnpike to Exit 14-C, the Holland Tunnel.
Take the first opportunity to turn left at Jersey Avenue, before the Holland Tunnel toll plaza.
Follow the road as it curves around under an overpass inscribed with the word “Hoboken” and becomes Observer Highway. Continue through the light at the intersection with Willow Avenue.
Make the next left (not at a light) onto Park Avenue.
The synagogue is on Park Avenue between 1st and 2nd Streets, on the right side.



There is very little on-street parking in Hoboken. Streets labeled "resident parking only" mean it! If you park there without a Hoboken sticker, your car will be booted.


Free parking now available!   

USH has a relationship with a local parking garage to provide free parking for those who come for USH services and events.  The security guard will give you a sticker to put on your parking garage ticket.  Fill out this form to get the info you need including the address of the garage with whom we have this arrangement.

You will receive an email with the location and instructions for the Free Parking Garage.


Neighborhood Parking Lots

  • Central Parking System 77 Park Avenue
  • Impark 50 Bloomfield Street
  • Central Parking System - Garage B 28 2nd Street, between River Street and Hudson Street
  • Central Parking System - Garage D 215 Hudson Street, between Second and Third Streets
  • Midtown Parking 371 4th Street 

The USH does not endorse any of the above parking garages; we list them as a convenience for out-of-town visitors.

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