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Adult Education

“Great is study, because it leads to action.”


USH offers adult education at all levels, from introduction to Judaism courses for absolute beginners, to courses in Torah reading and key Jewish legal and philosophical texts. The Rabbinical Assembly of New Jersey has chosen our synagogue as a permanent location for its Institute for Conversion and Outreach Education; over the last six years, well over 100 students have completed its intensive introductory course in Jewish tradition, history, and values. For many, the class was a first step on the road to conversion to Judaism.


Introduction to Judaism

For a number of years, the Institute for Conversion and Outreach Education classes have been held at USH, led by Rabbi Scheinberg. The 24-session "Introduction to Judaism" classes, which also serve to partially fulfill requirements for conversion to Judaism are held at USH.  For more information, please contact Rabbi Scheinberg.

Life cycle preparation classes

Our calendar includes sessions for expectant parents, engaged couples planning weddings, and pre-bar/bat mitzvah families to help them to learn about Jewish traditions to enhance those special life stages.  Sessions about Jewish perspectives on illness, death and mourning help to bring sanctity and Jewish connection to those challenging moments.  For more information, see the calendar of events.

Guest speakers

 From the Winter Brunch Series that brings noted authors to our community, to an annual scholar-in-residence weekend, to guest speakers on a broad range of topics, USH provides numerous opportunities to connect with Jewish wisdom and Jewish values.  Recent guest speakers and topics have included:
  • Rabbi David Golinkin:  "Jewish Bio-medical ethics"
  • Todd Clear:  "Jewish perspectives on contemporary criminal justice issues"
  • Rachel Dewan: "Torah Yoga"
  • Ruth Messinger of American Jewish World Service:  "The Jewish Imperative of International Social Justice"
  • Rabbi Elisha Wolfin:  "Non-Orthodox Judaism in Israel"
  • Letty Cotten Pogrebin:  "How To Help a Friend Who's Sick"
  • Gary Rosenblatt of the New York Jewish Week:  "Jewish Journalism Today"
and many more speakers and topics.

Additional adult study opportunities

Include Rabbi Scheinberg's Wednesday morning Torah study class, lunch/learn sessions following Shabbat morning services, holiday preparation classes, and more.  See the calendar for more details.

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