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Street Parking

There is very little on-street parking in Hoboken. Streets labeled "resident parking only" mean it! If you park there without a Hoboken sticker, your car will be booted.



USH has a relationship with Hoboken City to purchase parking in the Midtown Garage at 371 4th Street in Hoboken.  USH is providing this parking free of charge for those who come for USH services and events.  Bring your parking garage ticket to USH and either the security guard or the event organizer will give you a sticker to validate your parking garage ticket.  Fill out the form receive an email containing this parking information.

You will receive an email with the location and instructions for the Free Parking Garage.


Other Neighborhood Parking Lots

  • Central Parking System 77 Park Avenue
  • Impark 50 Bloomfield Street
  • Central Parking System - Garage B 28 2nd Street, between River Street and Hudson Street
  • Central Parking System - Garage D 215 Hudson Street, between Second and Third Streets

The USH does not validate any of the above parking garages; we list them as a convenience for out-of-town visitors.

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