Young Adults in Hoboken and Hudson County

Questions about how you can get involved? Contact David Plotka, VP Programming

613 Shabbat Dinners

Help us reach 613 Shabbat Dinners this year!

In honor of the 613 mitzvot (commandments) in the Torah, we invite the Hoboken Jewish community to host 613 Shabbat dinners during the Jewish year 5774 (2013-2014).

Please send an email to let us know who hosted and a memory of the dinner.

Other groups for young Jewish adults in Hoboken / Hudson County

See JYAH2 on Facebook: Jewish Young Adults of Hoboken, a group of Jewish Young Adults ages 21-40, who live in Hoboken and Hudson County. JYAH2 offers social activities such as dinners, brunches, happy hours, wine/cheese, billiards, bowling as well as social actions events. JYAH2 provides a great way for Jewish Young Adults to interact and meet in a casual atmosphere. JYAH2 is run by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Also check out Moishe House in Hoboken, "a rockin spot where you can be Jewish and relax. We're Kosher too! Come by and hang out with us!"


115 Park Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030