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Learning Center Class Our Mission

USH offers our young people a vibrant Jewish education that teaches our students to participate in Jewish life through Jewish prayer, experiential learning activities, music, art, family education, trips to Jewish sites and home based Jewish holiday and Shabbat celebrations.

We want our families to feel at home here at the Synagogue and to feel that Judaism is an adventure that never ends. Through study of Jewish prayer, ethics, Torah, and Mitzvot, we help our families create a Judaism that brings joy, meaning and purpose into their lives.

Come join us at the Learning Center.
"Where the love of learning and the joy of Judaism continue."

Information about Learning Center Classes 2015-2016

If you have a child or children in any grade in the Learning Center, please complete the application forms listed below. The Enrollment Check List provides guidance as to which forms must be submitted.

Please note that if you pay in full before August 15, the cost is reduced by 2%!

If you have questions, please contact us by email or phone, 201-659-4000.

Ani V'atah Neshaneh et ha olam
You and I will change the world

Ani v'Atah

Please help us provide a Learning Center education to everyone at USH.

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