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Come join us at the Learning Center.
"Where the love of learning and the joy of Judaism continue."


Our Mission

USH offers our young people a vibrant Jewish education that teaches our students to participate in Jewish life through Jewish prayer, experiential learning activities, music, art, family education, trips to Jewish sites and home based Jewish holiday and Shabbat celebrations. 

We want our families to feel at home here at the Synagogue and to feel that Judaism is an adventure that never ends. Through study of Jewish prayer, ethics, Torah, and Mitzvot, we help our families create a Judaism that brings joy, meaning and purpose into their lives.

Learning Center Information

Please excuse us as our registration form is currently under construction.  Please make sure to revisit this site soon to access the form.  In the meantime, please click HERE to view our center brochure.

Thu, July 20 2017 26 Tammuz 5777