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Cub Pack 18 Science Sunday

Pack 18's 16 Cubs broke into groups of four, going in rotation from one hands-on experiment to the next. They started with a microscope to look at salt crystals (perfect cubes) and sugar crystals (amorphous), then off to work with a battery-powered plug-board to test their skills at making electric circuits. The next station was outside in the garden to learn about friction by trying mightily to drag a large heavy object across the stones (think of Hebrew slaves building a pyramid), then doing it again using rollers (same slaves, same pyramid, but with less friction). The final station required learning how to use a compass, first with simple north-east-south-west directions (mnemonic: "Never eat soggy waffles"), then doing it all over again using degrees as their compass bearings.

Pulling w friction
Pulling wo friction

The Boy Scout organization has embraced the nationwide STEM Education Coalition program intended to get kids enthused about science, technology, engineering, and math. As the meeting ended, each boy was given a set of experiments to do at home under parental supervision. Any Cub who completes the program will receive a Scout Nova Award. A Cub can also do extra "in-depth" work in order to receive the Supernova Award.

Nova SuperNova

What is a Cub Pack? How can my son join?

Cub Pack 18 at the United Synagogue of Hoboken is open to any boy in grades 1 through 5. They meet almost every Sunday in the Social Hall of the Synagogue, from 5:00-6:00 PM. They go to Nature Centers and on day hikes. They also learn great skills, like cleaning their rooms and helping around the house... Mostly they have fun!

For more information, contact the Cubmaster at
or call 201-792-4055.

If your son is at least 11 years old, there's a great Boy Scout troop, too!

The United Synagogue of Hoboken, and the programs it sponsors,
do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

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